Amazon prepares for release demand.

The NES Classic Edition spent a short time on a few retailers shelves today before selling out and leaving many people wanting. Nintendo’s website lists Best Buy, Target, GameStop and Walmart as retailers, none of which in my local area have any left in stock according to their websites.

Personally, I am getting too old for this sort of mania that pops up every year, and I am still technically on my Honeymoon, so I decided I would allow my wife to buy me one for Christmas.

Amazon will begin selling the NES Classic Edition online at 5PM Eastern time today. That’s likeā€¦ RIGHT NOW! Amazon has been quoted as saying they have “very limited quantities” and will limit orders to one per customer, along with disabling the one touch order system for the console as well.

Experience tells us that more and more stock will be available as we get deeper into the holiday shopping season, and I suspect electronic retailers on Black Friday will see massive traffic related to the Mini-NES and whatever packages are related to it.

Stay tuned for updates.


Source | Polygon

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