My Favorite SUICIDE SQUAD Easter Egg

The image above may be familiar to you considering Suicide Squad pulled in the biggest August opening weekend with $135.1 million (topping Guardians of the Galaxy‘s $94.3 million in 2014). In one of the many psychedelic flashback scenes we see Harley and Mista J dancing about in her traditional jester costume and him in a devilish tuxedo. This brief scene was inspired by legendary artist Alex Ross in a piece he calls Tango with Evil.

This is the first time these two characters have shared the screen and it was a nice easter egg for fans and a nod to a great artists work as well. And really, this is probably one of the only ways you could reference this piece in a movie like Suicide Squad where there’s so much juggling of characters. I still think the movie does a better job than its being given credit for being entertaining while not overly great in any specific way with the exception of some great performances by its main core cast and whatever Jared Leto was doing.

You can view the art of Alex Ross at and if you can afford any of it I would love to be friends.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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