Its that time of the year again, a new set in Magic: The Gathering is coming out.

And with its arrival comes a variety of new offerings: two of which are the new Planeswalker intro decks. Normally intro decks leave a lot to be desired, more geared toward the casual player who might buy one so they have something to play against their novice friend. These decks typically are not meant to be competitive.

The two new Planeswalker intro decks from Kaladesh are more of the same, except now they have planeswalkers!

These planeswalkers are legal in standard formats but ONLY available in the pre-built decks, thus enticing even the most serious of collectors to pick them up. So lets crack open the box and take a look at whats inside.

Both decks include:

  • A planeswalker (Chandra in one and Nissa in another)
  • A 60 card deck (including four rares)
  • A deck box big enough to hold a 60 card deck (single sleeved)
  • A quick reference rule book
  • A fold out decklist with planes walker art
  • Two booster packs of Kaladesh

The Nissa deck is green/blue with a focus on the new energy counters and how to generate and spend them. While the Chandra deck is white/red and focuses on both burn (a staple in red) and the new crew/vehicle mechanic, with many creatures getting and giving buffs whenever they ‘crew’.

nissa-mtg  chandra-mtg

Each deck has an MSRP of $15 and overall are an okay value for your money (yes, just ‘okay’ since they are not meant to be played competitively or as an investment). The planeswalkers right now are valued at $10 apiece (but prices in the early weeks of release are not the most reliable) add to that that you get two booster packs, you pretty much got your money’s worth. I would recommend these to anyone starting out and wanting an easy way to just pick up and play, or someone who experienced with the game and wants to gradually ease someone new into the game.

If you’re interested in picking one of these up (or both) they’ll be available September 30 from your local seller.

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Kyle Zimmerman

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