When you think of Metal Gear as a series there are three things that typically come to mind: Snake, stealth, and story. None of which seem to be huge factors in Metal Gear Survive (the latest title in the series). While it’s only just been teased in a (heavily cinematic) trailer, there is some concern surrounding the game and how it just might sink the series that’s lasted nearly three decades. While their concerns may be a bit early (the game doesn’t even have a set release date) they are not unfounded. This is the first game in the series that Hideo Kojima (series creator and writer) has no part in, due to a very messy and public split between he and developer Konami. Let’s take a look and see what we can speculate from it.

The trailer opens up with your base under attack as Snake/Big Boss (the former protagonist of the main series) abandons ship before it collapses in flames. Some people see this as a sign that Snake/Big Boss will be part of the game in some way. I’m more inclined to believe that this is Konami snidely saying that they don’t need Kojima’s characters or influence going forward. Our attention is drawn to one of the lowly soldiers stuck on the burning base as he is suddenly sucked up into a worm hole (?) in the stormy sky. Many fans take umbrage with this, sighting how the phenomena never appeared in the series beforehand. It then cuts to a different soldier (no idea/explanation of what happened to the first guy) having a melee battle with a zombie-like creature on a smoke covered plane (I assume this is on the other side of the worm holes).

Zombies are another complaint that fans have since this is their first appearance in the series as well. The zombie is then struck in the head with an arrow as our camera pans up to show our three future party members. This is where they lost me and almost every other fan. It seems that this will be solely a co-op game (are we going to be sneaking in unison if sneaking at all?). The rest of the trailer is spent following different party members as they shoot, spear and arrow zombies through holes in a chain-link fence surrounding their camp (ala The Walking Dead season three), and closes with a huge rumble as the ground shakes beneath their feet (presumably hinting at a metal gear of some sort).

This is a Metal Gear game no one wanted or was asking for. A co-op zombie game from a major Japanese developer doesn’t leave gamers with a lot of confidence (see Resident Evil 5). So when I (and most gamers) see a series that normally has none of those elements implement all of them in one title, I/we’re left dumbstruck. Even Kojima tweeted out a simple plea following its reveal.

When you’ve lost the support of the guy who spent decades making the series great, you know you’re in trouble.

Kyle Zimmerman

Kyle Zimmerman

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