The first two episodes of the series will have a limited run in IMAX theaters.

Marvel had The Inhumans slated for a 2017 or 2018 release as part of their cinematic universe, but things have changed. The ABC show Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. introduced The Inhumans in their second season. Mostly acting as a placeholder for “mutants” as Fox still has the distribution rights for those Marvel characters. The story behind the scenes is that Marvel wanted to keep The Inhumans property grounded so to speak in their television landscape. This is despite both cinematic and television worlds being a part of the same shared universe.

Under the agreement, a version of the first two episodes of Marvel Television’s new series Marvel’s The Inhumans–produced in conjunction with ABC Studios and filmed entirely with IMAX digital cameras–will run worldwide exclusively in IMAX for two weeks at the beginning of September 2017. ABC plans to then premiere the weekly series in fall, with additional exclusive content that can only be seen on the network.

ABC, IMAX and Marvel Television also intend to work together to create a joint marketing and promotion plan for the series across their proprietary media platforms–which would be the first such cross-platform marketing launch of a television series. Today’s agreement also marks IMAX’s first time as a financing participant in a TV pilot and series.

First introduced in Marvel Comics in 1965 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, The Inhumans are a race of superhumans with diverse and singularly unique powers. Marvel’s The Inhumans will explore the never-before-told epic adventure of Black Bolt and the royal family.

Black Bolt is one of my favorite characters with a kick ass power. His voice is capable of mass destruction when he speaks and therefore he remains silent for the most part. This “quasi-sonic” scream is powered by electron energy that he draws in from the environment. At maximum the force is equal to that caused by the detonation of a nuclear weapon. One of my favorite moments in comics is from the limited series Son of M where Black Bolt whispers one word in reply to a question.


The aftermath truly showed the scale of how powerful he is. While I doubt the tv series will be able to live up to that level of scale, anything is possible. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is, well, terrible. I keep trying to stick with it so I can at least report on it, but it’s a chore to watch. They’ve taken one of the best characters, Phil Coulson, and made him an unlikable bore. But there’s a Ghost Rider in it now!

Inhumans will have to be bigger and more epic in scale considering the royal family lives on the moon and has a giant teleporting bulldog named Lockjaw. There’s no point in doing this show unless they do it right. Given that they’re going to show the first two episodes in IMAX would make you think that they have some plans for something special. I’m hoping for the best.


Source | Marvel
Image by Jae Lee courtesy of Marvel
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