Magic: The Gathering: SDCC PLANESWALKERS Exclusive Set Review

Every year at Comic Con, Wizards/Hasbro releases an exclusive set of Planeswalkers for their Magic: the Gathering card game. If you wanted to get a hold of these you have two options (excluding third party sellers)…

1 Your first option is to attend San Diego Comic Con, where you’ll have the luxury of long lines, pricey attendance, and ripened cosplayers … not the most pleasant experience. The second option is to wait until the Con is over with the hope of finding overstock for sale in Hasbro’s online store. mtg-planeswalkers-boxAlthough not as costly as a trip to Comic Con, it’s far more mentally depleting because even though they announce a week in advance the date the set will go on sale, they don’t list a time. Thus creating desperation for those waiting by their keyboards, constantly refreshing for hours in the hopes of snatching one up before they sell out. Considering this set sold out in twenty minutes it’s hard to say which method is easier.
 I went the online route (refreshes and all) and was lucky enough to get a box.

What do you get from this exclusive set and is it worth the money? Let’s take a look inside. Every order comes with a cardboard box with the Planeswalkers symbol on it and a plastic handle for carrying. This box contains a stencil of Liliana’s headdress and an accompanying display box. Basically, the display box is purple cardboard, sheathed in embossed paper that wraps around it – a bit of a letdown since I wouldn’t want to display any part of my collection in this. The closing ends don’t meet properly, the finish on the box has a rough not waxy texture and overall nothing quite fits together how it should for a $100 item (even a little bit of a felt finish on the outside would have gone a long way here).zWnDsltf6C

Also included with the set are your Planeswalkers, neatly packed behind plastic on an embossed pedestal displayed with each characters’ image. A slightly altered quote from history is found underneath each image, with sayings such “You sow, I’ll reap.” and “You eat what you are.” It’s a nice touch to their zombies theme and a redeemable factor to the outside of the box.

Besides having alternate “zombified” art, the cards themselves do not differ from the standard sets (normally they’re from a core set, but since Wizards has done away with those it’s a mash up of the standard legal Gatewatch). The cards also have a metallic sheen, using the foiling style normally found in the From the Vault series. Usually, this type of foiling is polarizing, but here it’s hardly noticeable (the reason you would buy these is for the alternate art and the foiling neither adds nor detracts from their look).

This set is worth the money from both an investor and collector standpoint. The current value is close to $300 (!!!) online and being an extremely rare item it will certainly make your collection more valuable if you do hold onto them.

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