It has been over a year since Mad Max: Fury Road blazed into theaters and left us all more shiny and chrome from the experience.

I absolutely love this movie, and not just because I think Tom Hardy is the pinnacle of manhood (he is though). I loved this movie for its use of practical effects. When it was first released and its popularity began to justly explode, there was a lot of talk about how George Miller used as many practical effects as possible in those chase scenes, and how much the film benefited because of it. While a lot of people talk about this, I think a lot of us fail to realize how subtle CGI work goes into a movie like Fury Road. While GIF’s like the one below give us an idea of what these movies look like behind the scenes, they cannot encompass the full scope of how much work goes into the multitude of details the audience won’t notice if the job is done right.

What is so mind blowing about that GIF is the fact that the GIANT FREAKIN’ EXPLOSION IS REAL! As the use of CGI has found its footing, it has become such a common factor in our films that the only time it is discussed is if it is particularly bad or large in scale. Then along comes a film like Fury Road that so seamlessly blends its practical and CGI effects, that even I was fooled. And I’m smart like serious! The below video has gone from Gas Town to the Bullet Farm and now to your screens! WITNESS IT!

Those are four, very full, minutes of pre-CGI footage from behind the scenes, and by the end you have a whole new level of appreciation for Mad Max, for George Miller, and for the unsung heroes of the Mad Max: Fury Road shoot.

Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

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