After finishing up the first season of his show Atlanta, Donald Glover gets back to his music.

We recently reported on the Childish Gambino remix to the Stranger Things theme. While this wasn’t new music from Gambino, it was a nice (and awesome) distraction.

But now we have an experimental new single off of his forthcoming third studio album titled, Awaken, My Love! Due December 2nd.

Here’s ‘Me and Your Momma’, a phrase that I share often with fellow staff writer, Matt Clubb.

That’s different. And I like that. Gambino is always pushing his music into new territories and this keeps him fresh and revolutionary for lack of a less important term. But give praise where it’s due. ‘Me and Your Momma’ is a dreamy song that is both blues and rock. Something you may expect to hear close out a live concert.


The album artwork was first glimpsed as an easter egg on Glover’s FX series, Atlanta in the Juneteenth episode seen above. One of the most bizarre episodes of the shows first season. The song was also heard in the Atlanta promo Momma that you can watch here.

Here’s the full album artwork for Awaken, My Love! that Childish Gambino revealed via Twitter.


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