Larry No Wilmore: THE NIGHTLY SHOW Ends

If you are a fan of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, then August 18th will be your last time opportunity to keep it 100. Comedy Central is officially pulling the plug. Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight will move to the 11:30 slot in the short term, but will not rename itself to @Eleventhirty.

Nightly is among the first of the newer late night shows to close its doors, and with that door closing, a very unique voice in social and political commentary is leaving. If you never watched it, Nightly took a Bill Maher approach, with Larry opening each episode with a monologue and dedicating the first half of the show to commentating on topical events, with the second half consisting of a panel discussion about a particular subject. However, where as Bill Maher always came across as a Blue O’Reilly to me, Nightly’s panels, led by Larry, took a less bombastic approach and always placed the importance of the subject over that of the panelists. This led to a lot of interesting discussions, that while I did not always agree with, always ended in an interesting place. Larry would open himself up to a question at the end of each episode, most of which I certainly would be afraid to give an honest answer to.

My largest complaint about the latest wave of late night television programing is that very few shows are bringing anything new to the table or making a real attempt to change the format. Nightly made an attempt bring something new, and it just didn’t resonate with audiences the way The Colbert Report did. While ultimately this is simply a business decision on the part of Comedy Central, I cannot say I am happy to see the show go. I am comforted by the fact that Larry will continue to keep it 100, and I have faith we will see him again sooner rather than later. Hopefully before the end of this election.

Brian Reynolds

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