The Avengers director makes a leap over to the distinguished competition.

Variety is reporting that Joss Whedon is in the final stages to write, direct and produce a standalone Batgirl film for the DCEU. Let’s inspect this sentence because it’s full of information and questions.

First off, there’s going to be a Batgirl movie. Right on. But don’t we need to have The Batman start filming first? Or the even more delayed The Flash? There was also a standalone Nightwing movie announced with director Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings) attached. That’s a lot of Batfilms on the docket and that’s with more and more rumors of Ben Affleck wanting out of the role. He isn’t directing The Batman anymore and is also no longer co-writing either. He also has this look on his face most of the time in these movies.

Secondly, Joss Whedon is/was a creative consultant for the Marvel cinematic universe. He also directed The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. We know that he was exhausted after the second movie, perhaps taking on a smaller scale project is something that has far less pressure and is more appealing. Whedon obviously loves to write female characters and has been an influential voice for strong women on screen. Buffy the Vampire Slayer just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary if you needed a reminder, but he also wrote a great Kitty Pryde in his Astonishing X-Men run with artist John Cassaday and had more than a few memorable, strong, and courageous women in the short lived Firefly series. In 2007 Whedon was also going to write and direct the Wonder Woman movie before the studio turned down his draft of the script.

Need more info on Batgirl as a character? Via the DC site:

Batgirl is Barbara Gordon, a confident young woman as committed to justice as her father, Gotham City’s top cop Commissioner Gordon. But when her overprotective Dad forbids her from joining the force, her admiration of Batman leads her to rebel the way crime-fighting rebels do in Gotham City: by picking up the mantle of the Bat.

An exceptional fighter and detective, Batgirl is also unparalleled in her computer skills. With a Utility Belt filled with Batarangs and her own Batcycle to speed her across the city, she pursues justice regardless of whether others—including Batman—wish her to. But Gotham’s criminals are a ruthless and maniacal lot, and every moment she risks her neck means dancing closer to death.

Marvel is known as ‘The House of Ideas’, but with their shared cinematic universe and the way they’ve kept their comic storylines fresh they are more like ‘The House of Following-Through’ on those ideas. DC’s movies so far? Well, they have ideas… the follow-though however is… lacking. This feels like one more cart that is going before the horse. However, if anyone can course correct anything it’s Joss Whedon. That raises the question as to how involved he will be in the DCEU? Is this just one movie? Is he a creative consultant in the same way he was at Marvel? Does DC really have a plan? Or is this the cinematic version of LOST, just without anything genuinely good at all?

I’m more apathetic than anything at this point. It’s weird saying that in ways… But I am older. I have responsibilities. A career. Bills. And I know that after so many life lessons that it’s okay to not love everything that’s presented to you as a consumer and fan. So when I see a trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League that is dark, gloomy, silly, and above all else just so very average I am not excited overall. I’m worn down if anything. Don’t tell me you love me, show me. To add one more thought to his upcoming Justice League movie; most of his trailers are magnificent, right? The Man of Steel trailers may be some of the best ever, but the movie was subpar at best. And we all know how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice turned out don’t we?

I thought with DC bringing on talents like Geoff Johns, Ben Affleck, Patty Jenkins, James Wan, Travis Knight, and most likely Whedon that they really had a plan of steel. I have my doubts, but please know this… I want nothing more than to be in love with these movies and to be excited. Movies and superheroes in general are some of my favorite things. I never want a movie to be bad, especially a DC or Marvel movie, but I also can admit when they are. I also know that Joss Whedon can do anything he puts his creative mind behind.

What do you think of this news?


| Featured Image by Cameron Stewart, courtesy of DC


Heath Scott
His love of most things in entertainment can be summed up by having an English Bulldog named Spielberg and consistently asking if it’s Halloween yet.
Heath Scott

Heath Scott

His love of most things in entertainment can be summed up by having an English Bulldog named Spielberg and consistently asking if it's Halloween yet.

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