Joss Whedon and Chris Pine have teamed up for a ad that is enjoyable for both the politically ignorant and the politically informed.

If you’ve ever wondered ‘What does it mean when they say they are shutting down the government to protest?’, this PSA perfectly displays it in an office scenario. The scene in question has Chris Pine throwing a temper tantrum during a meeting in which his co-workers are discussing ‘plans’ and who will be ‘covered’ culminating in Pine declaring “I’m shutting down the company” with a maniacal snicker and a press of his tablet. The short also co-stars frequent Whedon collaborator Alan Tudyk as the exasperated head of the office who’s just trying to make things function for everyone.

It is important to note that this ad isn’t affiliated with any party or candidate, and is clearly not meant as a smear or take down.

It mainly highlights some ludicrous behavior that (while its caricatured in the commercial) has really happened in our government. The ad does a great job at driving home the message that we are in fact the real bosses, and if we do not like how anyone in government is conducting themselves, we have the power to change that with our vote.

And it does it while humorously making light of some very scary and real situations in our government. Watch the full ad for yourself below and make sure to get out and vote next Tuesday, November 8.

Kyle Zimmerman

Kyle Zimmerman

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