Jimmy Eat World’s New Single: GET RIGHT

Jimmy Eat World has been making music longer than some millennials have been listening to it (scary thought), and they’re at it again. The band recently announced a new album (their first in three years!) and unveiled a lyric video for its first single, Get Right. Jimmy Eat World is known for wearing their hearts on their sleeves with their emotions at the time of writing always at the forefront, and this new single is no different.

Get Right is heavier than we’re used to seeing from them, and the frustration is palpable. They’re a long way removed from Call it in the Airone of the bands’ earliest recordings, which somewhat ironically suggests your best days are behind you, but is still catchy and upbeat. The single has a somber tone, as if they’ve only been listening to Joy Division and Morrissey while writing the as-of-yet untitled album due out October 21st.

Of course, bands evolve as they progress (or regress), but this track creates nostalgia for the unbridled optimism usually packaged in tracks such as  A Praise Chorus and The Middle. Even looking back on their last endeavor, Damages, nothing has sounded quite this pensive. However, this release has done its job in exciting me that Jimmy Eat World is back, and I’m curious to see if the whole album will follow this shift in attitude.

Check out their lyric video for the new single Get Right, and download it for free at the bands’ website.

Is this album on your radar, or has the sweetness lost its flavor?

Kyle Zimmerman

Kyle Zimmerman

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