Kiefer Sutherland’s new show has him playing The President of The United States in…

ABC’s Designated Survivor.

The last time we ran into Kiefer on TV, he was torturing people for information, chasing down terrorists and escaping the Chinese Consulate as Jack Bauer. Fans had hoped that Bauer would make a cameo in the 24 spin-off 24: Legacy, but with the latest news, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Kiefer is going to be too busy running the country as POTUS in ABC’s new drama Designated Survivor.

When the first images surfaced of Kiefer as the President, my heart stopped. I thought, “Is Jack returning as President Bauer?!?!

Nope. Sad face*.

I will; however, settle for more Kiefer. He has been a renegade CIA operative, a young gun cowboy, and a lost boy vampire, so WHY NOT the President?

If you’re looking for thrills and suspense, Designated Survivor will hopefully fit the bill. Here’s the trailer below.

* : (

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