I could tell you how good it is beforehand, but how about you just see for yourself and check out our thoughts below after?

That’s some good stuff! I love Mike Colter in general and his understated badass performance as Power Man, Luke Cage in Jessica Jones was surely a highlight (there were a lot of those in Jessica Jones btw). But I love seeing him be an ABSOLUTE badass here. He has a little more swagger and looks like he enjoys doing things that are right and sticking up for the innocents of Harlem. That’s what super heroics are about, not just defending your friends and family, but anyone who is in need of help.

There’s a lot of imagery here to devour too. Check out the 0:22 second mark for a reference to Power Man’s costume from the 70’s. And at the 1:04 mark to see villain Cornell Stokes (Mahershala Ali) proclaiming “Everybody wants to be the king.” in front of a painting of Biggie Smalls that places the crown on his head. Then we have action scenes of Cage literally crashing through walls with his unbreakable skin and super strength welcoming the onslaught of thugs to try and stop him. I’m down with ALL of that. I also like that Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple is becoming the main connecting factor of Marvel’s Netflix shows in a way, but I’m curious (and hopeful) if Jessica Jones makes a cameo at any point? We ALWAYS need more Jessica Jones. Find out when Luke Cage debuts September 30th and I most likely binge watch it with hot wings, pizza, and beer over the course of a weekend.

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