But what villain in the Marvel Universe will she play?

New York Comic Con has already brought us a new Iron Fist trailer showing him actually using his mystic energy in those fists of iron, but this is really big news. Sigourney Weaver is great in pretty much everything and we can’t wait to see what type of villain she will be. The Defenders is a culmination show with four heroes all with superhuman abilities. The team has heightened senses, super strength, unbreakable skin, and mystic energy as a combined power set. So who is big and strong enough for them to defend the city against?

The villains so far have primarily been mid to high level mobsters. Business types with lots of money. Could Weaver be something more than this? Will she have her own powers? The Hand and Madame Gao are the only villains that have shown much of an organized threat that do have any powers. However, the most conniving and dangerous villain by far has been The Purple Man, Kilgrave in Jessica Jones.

Our speculation would lead us to believe that she has money and power(s). But on what level? Your guess is as good as ours right now. Who do you think Weaver will play? Speculate in the comments below!

Heath Scott

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