Guest What’s Coming to Netflix? MASCOTS

“Mascots, they don’t die, they just hang in a closet.”

I’ve been a fan of Christopher Guest ever since I accidentally came across Best in Show (more like Best in Movie, amiright?). I’ve seen funny movies and some not-so-funny movies, but I had never before seen a movie where I could laugh my ass off and cringe uncomfortably at the same time in quite this way. I was hooked.

While shows like The OfficeParks and Recreation and 30 Rock (NBC’s Thursday night line-up from 5 years ago basically) fill, er, filled the cringe-laugh niche nicely on TV, there hasn’t been anything quite like the dry, mockumentary sensibility that is Waiting for Guffman or A Mighty Wind.

Guest’s latest mockumentary film, Mascots just released its trailer. Check it out:

The whole gang is back together! We see the return of Guest veterans Parker Posey, Ed Begley Jr., Jane LynchJennifer CoolidgeBob Balaban and, my personal favorite, Fred Willard. He could read me positive cancer test results and I still don’t think I could keep myself from laughing. We also get some fresh faces with Chris O’DowdSarah BakerZach Woods, and Tom Bennett.

The film follows several mascots as they compete for the Golden Fluffy Award. I simply cannot wait.

Mascots comes out October 13 on Netflix.


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