Fall and those final four words.

Lorelai spends a good majority of the last episode of the revival series going on her basic Wild adventure where she finds herself. She’s the book version and not the movie. A purist! Thankfully she doesn’t actually go hiking and most of her struggles are spent fitting all of her items into her backpack. She hangs out with a group of other women one night and they ask her about her struggles. Does she have an abusive husband? A bad divorce? Horrible kid? The answer is no to all of those and Lorelai takes a step back and reflects more on her journey of self reflection.

Ultimately she is able to view some section of actual nature. After she gets past her Parenthood co-stars Jason Ritter and Peter Krause (who’s also her boyfriend in real life) acting as park rangers she has a moment of zen. Clarity. Direction. Answers! She calls Emily and tells her a moving story about herself and her father. A story that Emily asked for months ago and Lorelai botched publicly. This moment makes up for it as it’s one of the better scenes in all of Gilmore Girls and certainly in A Year in the Life.

Back in Stars Hollow, Luke gets a visit from Jess (!!!), who once again is the voice of reason. Jess forces Luke to sit down and talk to him. Luke tells him of his and Lorelai’s communication problems of late. Jess replies with, “Communication problems? Never had experience with that myself.” When Lorelai returns home unexpectedly, Luke is convinced that she is going to leave him. Before she can even say a word he cuts her off and tells her, well, this.


It’s a great moment. One that feels real and is passionate. Luke saying that needing space is bullshit is also something that I felt rings true. Lorelai is able to stop him and says, “Luke! I think we should get married.” and follows with saying she already booked the date for the wedding. Luke then walks over to a drawer and pulls out his ring for her. “I’ve gotta tell ya, before this thing goes on, the only way out is in a body bag,” he says, holding the ring above her finger. “And now we don’t have to write our vows,” is a perfect Gilmore reply. This should have happened years ago, but it’s nice that it’s finally happening now.

During this we have what I’ve heard many refer to as the highlight of A Year in the Life, but I’m in the minority on this one:

I hate the Life and Death Brigade and the extended Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride inspired number.

gilmore-girls-7For starters, it’s just more of Logan. And Logan is engaged in case you forgot. Also in case you forgot, having affairs is morally wrong and shit and if you were raised with morals like Rory was and you also were already a mistress to another ex boyfriend a decade ago, you really are repeating the past. But anyways, I actually read someone say that “Logan is perfect.” because how romantic of him! He takes across country and surprises Rory and offers her his families house in Maine to write her book in. He’s perfect! You know, besides the whole being engaged part and not really being with Rory. She ended their affair last episode and here he is with his rich brigadiers to painfully exploit the upperclass system that’s always lurked behind the tried and true sweet home town charm of Gilmore Girls. And then they somehow get access to all of the town at night including the rooftops with spotlights and access to Doose’s market amongst other things.

At this point in the revival series I couldn’t get past details like these because I was so tired of the missteps. And have no doubt, deny if you will, but Rory is the worst. These are words from someone who loves Gilmore Girls and has watched the series in its entirety over three times.

Rory refuses Logan’s offer to stay in the house as she knows where she wants to write it, her grandfather’s office that holds the portrait of Rory reading a book that Richard cherished so much in the first season. Rory totally doesn’t refuse the offer to sleep with Logan again though.

gilmore-girls-a-year-in-the-life-emilyEmily is my favorite Gilmore.

At a DAR meeting she stops giving a crap about the polite fakeness and tells some trophy wife the truth and it’s thrilling to watch. Hearing Emily scream out “BULLSHIT!” a few times is also the best. And her line about purchasing some pre-colonial douche had me cracking up. Emily goes to Nantucket with her maid Berta (played by Rose Abdoo who also is Stars Hollow’s mechanic Gypsy!) and her entire family. That’s right, Emily has kept the same maid and her family for a whole year and even brings them to Nantucket with her. She looks at peace in the house there and even in the whaling museum.

She later tells Lorelai in a conversation that she bought the house for twice the listed price because it’s what she wanted. It brought her the joy she was seeking and was no longer able to find in the house that her and Richard built together. She calls the house The Sandcastle.

“The previous owners called it the Clam Shack. I guess ‘Vagina House’ was taken.”

Did I mention that Emily was my favorite?

As she’s telling Lorelai about this her daughter is going to ask her mother to invest in expanding the Dragonfly Inn to another location as well. Emily repeats a few times, “You need to borrow money.” in the middle of Lorelai’s pitch just as Richard did all those years ago when it came to Chilton and Rory. And just like the Friday Night Dinners were born, the new deal is “two weeks in the summer, one week at Christmas” and Lorelai happily agrees to this. Emily even agrees to use the money that Richard wanted Luke to have for his Diner EMPIRE. Later on we see Emily kicking ass working at that whale museum in her white Keds and looking content. I loved this.


dean-re-appeared-in-gilmore-girls-a-year-in-the-life-via-netflixBack in Stars Hollow everyone is planning the wedding. Luke reveals a good buddy of his is Kiefer Sutherland when asked who he wants to invite to much joy and disbelief from everyone. Luke asks Jess if he’s moved on from Rory, which he says he has, but when leaving he looks back at the house, and you know that look… You’ve seen it. He still loves her. Or at least who she could be.

Rory literally runs into her first love Dean at Doose’s and asks his permission to write about him in her book which her mother is now okay with in her newfound state of mind, she only offers one line of advice in a sly nod to The Social Network saying, The Gilmore Girls.” “Drop the ‘the.’ Just ‘Gilmore Girls.’ It’s cleaner.” Dean is hesitant, he’s the father of three with another on the way now. He asks what she’ll say (you know, the whole affair thing again) and Rory says she’ll say that he was kind, and generous, and the best possible boyfriend. “You taught me what safe feels like.” If there is a continuation of Gilmore Girls, and I believe there will be, my gut tells me that Rory screws Dean over and goes into detail about her relationship and affair with him, because Rory. As Dean leaves the store Rory shows him a box of corn starch as a throwback to their first kiss where she accidentally stole a box of corn starch afterwards because she was so excited. Dean’s cameo was short, but it was really nice.

Sookie! She’s returned for the wedding and has made a dozen different cakes for Lorelai, including one that’s full of daisies for those fans that remember that those are Lorelai’s favorite. Lorelai admits that the dream that the two of them had isn’t right without her and she hates doing it alone, especially with Michel leaving soon. I wish there was something more convincing for Sookie having left her best friend and partner behind. And was anyone else confused about the status of her and Jackson? I loved Sookie being able to tell that Roy Choi and Rachel Ray had been in her kitchen too! Also, Rory is able to fit a trip in to see her dad, Christopher and make him feel pretty worthless while dropping a “five by five” Buffy the Vampire Slayer reference so that was cool too.

But that’s not what we want to know about. It’s those last four words, right?

gilmoregirls_final4wordsI’ll totally cover that, but the midnight wedding and the plan of Luke’s with help of Kirk was really wonderful and another one of my favorite moments of the entire series. But those four words…

“I’m pregnant.”

And then we cut to black!

I think there’s going to be more Gilmore Girls based off of this. Maybe not, but I’d take those odds. My theory is that it is Logan’s and not the Wookiee’s or obviously Paul’s. However, Logan is going to ultimately pull a Christopher after trying to do the right thing and then Jess will step in. Logan = Christopher. Jess = Luke. Rory = Lorelai. It’s all so on the nose that I hope I’m wrong. But A LOT of this has been retreading previous things we’ve already covered and I’m not confident that it could avoid the same stumbles if it continues based off of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. But as my least favorite secret society says, “in omnia paratus.”

Besides, I think Amy Sherman-Palladino has her head somewhere else… but I’ll cover that later this week.

What did all of you think about the revival? Were you as let down with Rory as me? Did the repetitive storylines we’ve already covered years ago bother you? What was good? What do we want more of? And besides Logan, what do we (I) want less of? Let us know in the comments below!

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