I want to start out by saying that even though we might have some insecure thoughts and feelings, we are all beautiful in our own way. A Victoria’s Secret model does not set the standard for perfection. What matters is who you are and what’s in your heart.

So, with that being said—let’s get down to the details.

My Thoughts During the Show.

This introduction is more dramatic than a single episode of the “most dramatic” season of .

Elsa Hosk’s entrance reminds me of Trump’s opening at the RNC to Queen’s, ‘We are the Champions’, with the fog machine blowing and the solo spotlight.

Wow, Edward Razek is going for a more diverse vibe this year. I’m into it.

My bigger question is, why was Adriana Lima like the fifth girl to walk?

is really, really pretty.

They don’t give Devon Windsor enough credit—the girl is gorgeous.

Gigi Hadid is truly amazing. I also love what she’s wearing. Those thigh-high shoes are awesome.

Omg, did they really just make Romee Strijd wear chevron?

Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima are real show-stoppers.

Boy, has Stella Maxwell blossomed!?

These new angels, Sara Sampaio and Taylor Hill look so much alike that last year I got them confused.

I still get mixed up between Martha Hunt and Romee Strijd too.

I’m not sure how I feel about this performance by Lady Gaga, but she cleans up nice.

Is Gaga’s dress really see-through? This is too much for me. I don’t want to see all of that.

Her staring at Josephine Skriver is kind of creeping me out.

I don’t know who these new models are, but they are all so pretty. So beautiful and thankfully diverse!

Sara Sampaio has what I would describe as, a million-watt smile.

Aww, Josephine has such a pretty, happy cry. You go girl!

BRUNOOOOOOO, your fur jacket and your suit—you’re looking funky-fresh.

is a fabulous performer. I would love to go to one of his concerts. I bet he won “Life of the Party” in his senior yearbook.

I love that the Pink theme is a mix between 90’s, sheer and faux fur looks.

I love all of these Pink models! They are so fun!

Bruno has got to be sweating his behind off in that jacket. Also, I’m not even shocked that he’s rocking some Louboutins.

I am now a huge Josephine fan. She is so true to herself and so humble. She’s beautiful, inside and out.

I’m not one to use the word “goals,” but Gigi and Bella are setting the bar for me for sister goals.

I’m still not seeing enough of Adriana and Alessandra to be satisfied.

Okay, the encounter between Bella and  was very pleasant, sweet and seemed genuine. They both smiled at each other and seemed happy to see each other. Props to them for putting their feelings aside. I was just told that apparently they claim to be best friends.

I will never understand The Weeknd’s hairstyle. Never. Not before, not now, not ever.

He’s also a good performer, just not as good as my man Bruno.

I love this tribute to Adriana. I love that all of the girls look up to her.

Aww, I love that they are showing old clips of Candice and Behati.

This clip of the girls working out—was it planned? Is that fake sweat? They all look gorgeous. There’s no way they look like that while working out. Did they just spray them with water to create the illusion of sweat?!?

Taylor Hill, so young, yet so beautiful.

I’m digging Kendall Jenner’s lingerie.

I just read online that each model must have the chest, waist and hip measurements of 34-24-34. Apparently they must maintain these measurements. That’s got to be tough!

These are some sassy wings.

Oh dang, Gaga is GETTIN’ DOWN. Look at her strut! She’s got some wings of her own!

Oh jeez, I can actually feel her intensity from my living room.

YES BRUNO! Bring the house down! Close up the show!

I love this theme, it reminds me of The Great Gatsby.

Jasmine Tookes is looking flawless in the fantasy bra.

I love the random pans to the girls dancing backstage. The girl in the cropped faux fur jacket reminds me of a young Brittany Murphy (RIP).

I’m really sad that neither Adriana nor Alessandra did the final walk.

Lastly, my favorite part—the class photo.

Post-Show Excitement.

I know that most girls around the world are envious and starting their diets and work-out routines today, but I’m choosing not to. I’m choosing to be myself.

The biggest thing that I noticed in each Angel was that they all have such different personalities and they all shine because of it. To me, their looks don’t make them who they are—their hearts do. And it warmed my heart to see Josephine cry when she tried on her first set of wings. It made me laugh when they all attempted to do “The Adriana.” I smiled when they talked about how they feel like they’re sisters.

I think the world has this view on Victoria’s Secret models and I feel like everyone thinks that they just get what they get because of their looks. In my opinion, it’s so much more than that. They work really hard. They exercise and eat healthy every day. Have you ever denied pizza or a hamburger? It takes dedication! Their job isn’t easy, but they do it because they love it. Their hard work and dedication amazes me. If I’m taking anything away from watching this show, it’s that you have to work hard for what you want in life. Nothing in this world comes easy.

These girls yield empowerment and inspiration. You go girls!