Why The DUNKIRK Teaser Trailer Is Great

A ticking clock. A heartbeat. Waves crashing against an ocean wall. The sounds all in unison growing louder, more pressing and anxious with each second. We see calculated imagery that is steady and precise. Then 33 seconds in we cut to a wall of soldiers.

For the next 17 seconds we have a single shot looking at the faces of young soldiers packed together back to back. Their eyes widen as we hear the whine of a plane engine rapidly getting louder and then they all duck at 50 seconds and we cut to the title and silence.

This is a perfect teaser trailer.

Christopher Nolan’s name is enough to carry excitement for any project he’s involved in and he starts with listing his name and the last three films (The Dark Knight Trilogy being listed as one) he’s made. That is enough to hook basically everyone with even a cursory interest in movies, but the way this trailer is edited is what will stick with moviegoers a year in advance.

Nolan teams with cinematographer Hoyt Van Hoytema for the second time in a row after Interstellar. Anyone who’s seen Hoytema’s work in Spectre knows that he’s got an affinity for wide scenic shots and long single takes (the opening of Spectre is the best part of Spectre) and it looks as if that will be continued here in Dunkirk.

Dunkirk opens summer 2017.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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