If you are not following Star Wars on Instagram or Twitter then you should. This morning a new poster for Rogue One to be used by Dolby Cinema was revealed. Check it out below:


Every new piece of information we have received about Rogue One has only raised my anticipation to levels I haven’t experienced since this time last year. The pristine blue of the water and the insignia of the Rebellion reflected in the image of the lonely helmet while Storm Troopers and AT-AT Walkers approach in the background is simply breathtaking. I feel this is going to be a film that spends much more time on the shadows and darker areas of the Star Wars Universe than we have seen up until now. It will be more in line with Empire, and certain parts of The Force Awakens, in that the Rebellion will achieve a great victory, but suffer terrible losses.

You will have your chance to save the Rebellion, save the dream, on December 16th.

Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

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