Decipher The Full Trailer For ARRIVAL

Last week we shared with you the teaser for Arrival. It instantly jumped to the top of all the things I am anticipating in the near future. The full trailer is here now and can it be November 11 already? Not just because I love cooler weather (GO DIE SUMMER), the fall,  and pumpkin spice latte’s like most girls, but because this thing will be in theaters. See the trailer for yourselves below:

This isn’t your standard alien invasion movie. Is it even an invasion at all? We’re not sure and neither are the characters in Arrival. We know that at least twelve of these ‘shells’ have popped up all over the globe. And we see that Amy Adam’s character has discovered a way to communicate with them, but warns everyone that things can be lost in communication. She states, “We need to make sure that they understand the difference between a weapon and a tool. Language is messy and sometimes one can be both.” This one line alone has me sold. I love how they’ve presented the mysteries that are involved here and I’m beyond intrigued to discover the answers this fall with my PSL in hand.

I could not be more excited for this.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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