The upcoming Beast continues to make awesome decisions and joins Gareth Evans’ Apostle.

We saw that director Gareth Evans was working on the third draft of his script for Apostle over on Instagram. His follow-up to The Raid 2 is the story of a man who travels to a remote island and attempts to rescue his sister after she’s kidnapped by a religious cult. The group demands a ransom for the sister’s return, undermining the man’s resolve to rescue her.

We can only assume that he has to fight his way through the whole island to get her back. And we cannot wait to see it.

Now we have confirmation that The Guest’s, Dan Stevens will be the man fighting his way through the island. Stevens is going to blow up in a major way the next couple of years. He’s going to be the Beast in Disney’s upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, he’s playing a the world’s most powerful mutant in FX’s upcoming series Legion, he’s starring in Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal that premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. And Redivider, Marshall, and Permission are also on the docket.

What’s great about Dan Stevens are his choices. Indie movies, major studio blockbusters, and everything in between, including television (Legion looks like the best thing to come from the X-Men universe, well, ever.). If you haven’t seen The Guest then see The Guest. And when you ask me who should be the next Bond? Here’s my answer.

The other great news is that we’re getting another movie from Gareth Evans.

This is not hyperbole: Gareth Evans is the best living action director we have.

It’s been far too long since Evans blew us away with The Raid 2, especially with no real, solid word on when we’d next see something from him. The last we saw was this short embedded below that he made because he was anxious to shoot something. A mark of a true filmmaker. Also, this kicks ass.

He did this for fun by the way. I know, right? Apostle starts production in March 2017.


Source | Variety 

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