Dammit Chloe! Mary Lynn Rajskub to Return in 24: LEGACY?

TVLine is reporting that fan favorite Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) may return to 24:Legacy, the new series in the 24 universe (it’s not a reboot). When executive producer Evan Katz was asked about he return of previous characters, specifically Chloe he simply stated, “We have plans.”

Of course they do! In the era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe this is what you do with your properties. I’m sure Chloe, now much more hardened than when we first saw her so many years ago (thanks to Jack obviously), will appear and perhaps offer some guidance for 24: Legacy‘s new lead Eric Carter (Corey Hawkins). Carter is a former Army Ranger who returns to the U.S. and after being ambushed by assassins turns to CTU for help. The plot is inspired by the real life soldiers who took out Bin Laden and revolves around terrorists trying to take out that team.

I love 24 and Jack Bauer (please cameo Kiefer!). The idea of a new series in any way is exciting for me and if Chloe O’Brian is going to make an appearance then I’m all the more in. I might be a nerdy computer guy myself, so I think the passion is shared. Chloe is a great character who evolved over the seasons.

robin-reeve-mary-lynn-rajskub-chloe-obrian-24I had the pleasure of meeting Mary Lynn during one of her zany comedy routines in Tampa at Side-Splitters a couple years back. Since I am a 24 buff, I had to meet her, get pictures and have her autograph the famous “Dammit Chloe” shirt. Now, to get Kiefer to autograph it, and my life will be complete.

Note: Did you know that the United States has a secret project Code Name: “CHLOE” and is a surveillance technology for Homeland Security? It was based of Chloe O’Brian from 24 – Beat that!)  The former Secretary of Homeland Security said it was one of his favorite shows.

24: Legacy premieres after the Super Bowl on February 5.

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