Fasten your seat belts. Pixar isn’t playing around.

“From this moment. Everything will change.” Is Lightning McQueen freaking dead? Or will he end up sitting on blocks? Is that the Cars universe version of being paralyzed? A universe where driverless vehicles drive around smiling and talking and living lives.

What changes after that moment?!

For some reason I must know. This is my least favorite Pixar series because it’s just silly. It’s an ingenious property for selling toys, but I haven’t found anything truly enjoyable about it. I saw the first Cars and for the life of me can’t remember if I saw Cars 2, but I think there was a race of some sort.

Cars 3 isn’t directed by John Lasseter so maybe they’re just going to mix this one up. Go for broke. Wreck it. At this point Cars 3 has our curiosity, but we will wait and see if it has our attention.

Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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