Zack Snyder is pretty excited that this is the last day of filming on Justice League and wanted to share with us Batman’s new Tactical Batsuit! Check out his tweet below.


In typical Zack Snyder fashion this image is dark and oversaturated. Let’s enhance this with our Batcomputer:



Batman is too cool for school in those shades and I don’t like them! My first thought was an aesthetic one; why not have the lenses come down from within his mask, like Christian Bale’s Batsuit in the end of The Dark Knight? Or even similar to the design of the bulky suit Batman wore when he ‘v‘ed Superman for two minutes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? He looks like he should be playing beach volleyball at Daytona in the image above, bro.

And why is he always messing up the Batmobile (if that is the Batmobile)? Check out those six mini missiles to the right, those will make for some nice murderin’ of street thugs! They’re also very reminiscent of the missiles that Michael Keaton’s Batman fired at the Joker from the Batwing in the 1989 Batman.

The overall design of the suit is okay. I’m not a fan of the HUGE Bat-symbol on the chest as its design gets lost. The rest of the suit is fine, but nothing spectacular. What is so tactical about this suit? I’m looking forward to finding out and hopefully there’s a cool reason for all of it.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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