Superman totally died at the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I’m not sure why, which is how I felt about all of BvS, but he did. It’s been no secret that Superman will return in Justice League, for the fact alone that there is no Justice League without a Superman, but also because he’s been in the official image almost smiling (!) and Henry Cavill is posting pictures like this:


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That certainly looks like a version of the black solar costume that Superman wore when he returned in the 90’s. He had this costume that helped him heal and return the solar energy that he was drained of upon his return. I need this suit every Monday. His dead body was put into The Fortress of Solitude’s Regeneration Matrix (comics!) which brought him back in a much weaker state. How will he return in Justice League? It’s most likely with Kryptonian technology which has been the basis for most things Superman gets in these last few movies. Like his original costume that he just finds chillin’ in the spaceship from Man of Steel. My guess is it’s another Kryptonian spaceship and furthermore it’s probably the same method that Lex Luthor tried bringing back Zod. If you don’t remember, he threw him into a dirty pool of Kryptonian water or some shit, I dunno, man.

But Superman does return! I hope that this is taken care of in the first hour (of what I’m sure will be nearly a three hour affair) of the movie. We know he has to return, Bruce has to assemble the League, and they have to fight the big bad guy, Steppenwolf. Will Superman show up before then? Or will he make his grandiose return by saving the League in the midst of battle? I’m betting on the latter.

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