When we last saw John Wick he was walking away from the veterinarian clinic he broke into to nurse his multitude of wounds with a brand new dog by his side. Daisy will never be forgotten, but now John has a dog that matches his trademark all black suit. It’s all about the aesthetics.


It looks like this image takes place early in the film. Perhaps after what leads to all of the vengeance that John is about to take out on unfortunate gangsters. John Wick doesn’t walk anywhere and if he does he doesn’t do it out of his suit. I like that John still has his dog with him after whatever happened. Puppy Daisy was sent to John by his recently deceased wife as a parting gift to keep him company in her passing from cancer. It was also the last connection he had to her. Losing his wife’s puppy to the hands of Russian gangsters was the catalyst for the first movie.

“I’ve never seen you like this before, John.”
“How’s that?”

That’s a [paraphrased] exchange between John and a bartender from the first movie. This is one of the traits that makes John such a lovable character. He’s vulnerable, but still the “Bogeyman” on a mission.


And here’s another image. Classic John Wick in black suit at a night club. Can it be February yet?

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