AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 6: Alien Abduction?


There’s a reason the teaser poster for the anticipated new season of American Horror Story is a question mark. According to FX CEO John Landgraf in an interview with IndieWire, Season 6 will remain a secret. On August 14, FX released their lates promo, “Camp Sight” – one of several teaser videos that are all completely different. Landgraf says it’s a mystery for the fans. One of the promos is the real deal, but the rest are fake teasers meant to lead you astray.

This latest has me wishing I had my tinfoil hat and glass of water:

Which theme will it actually be?  You can watch all of the season’s theme teasers here. Thoughts? Comment below. The new season of American Horror Story begins September 14 on FX.

Janie Pope

Janie Pope

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