Paranormal Activity was the found footage movie that reinvigorated the genre.

After my grown adult man brother saw this movie he slept with the lights on. It didn’t help that I hid a Ouija board under his bed and told him a week later either I suppose. This is the movie that truly made me fear these demonic gateways, even if they were made by Parker Brothers.

This is the movie that gave us the low humming bass that triggered our fears. Hearing it meant we knew something bad was about to happen. Paranormal Activity got into our psyche. It made us really think about the reality of demonic possession and what it could do to someone’s mind.

Micah is a moron in this. Katie is the person we identify with and whom the Paranormal Activity series revolves around, specifically in the third entry that’s a highlight and also a prequel.

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Heath Scott

Heath Scott

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