Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space is one of my favorite things to watch during the Halloween season.

I’m not kidding. Let me tell you why…

For people who share a love for Halloween there’s this underlying understanding for all that encompasses. That’s the most simple way I can convey why I love this short half hour of entertainment. Mutant Pumpkins oozes with an undying radioactive love for the holiday. And conveniently for me that’s what gets the plot moving for the Monsters in this short holiday celebration; aliens dump their radioactive waste onto Farmer Jeb’s pumpkin patch and before you know it we have candy craving mutant pumpkins running amok in Modesto, California.

murphys-porchGinormica and her Monster Squad head over to her parents house to investigate. Fortunately, the Murphy’s throw the sweetest Halloween party ever. Their house glows with the spirit of the holiday. They have a Death by Chocolate fountain and even a Children of the Candy Corn field where stalks of corn are giant candy corn clusters. Consequently, this is something I’ve wanted to make for years since seeing.

The skies in the Modesto neighborhood are permanently at dusk. Filled with hues of purple and pink and the blues of night. The glow of neighbors decorations give off ambient light as kids run around grabbing candy. The Monsters go from house to house investigating. Some trying to solve the mystery, others to try and prove they’re still scary, and others who just want to trick-or-treat.

et-cockroachOnce the mutant pumpkins are running around causing chaos with voices that sound like what the Minions may have been based on we learn that they crave candy in order to keep growing at alarming rates. This leads to a lesson in gluttony and more than a few nice moments for various characters. This is why I love watching this special. It nails the tone, is funny, has a good message, and is a nice introduction for future obsessed Halloween lovers without being horrifying. Remember, Halloween is equal parts comfort and horror.

There’s a sequel that takes place directly after this called Night of the Living Carrots, but it doesn’t live up to Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space. Think I’m crazy? Can’t say I blame you, but find out for yourself! You can watch Mutant Pumpkins on Netflix now. It’s the 4th episode of Dreamworks Spooky Stories.

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